Some interesting websites containing information about our changing times, vibrational and spiritual changes, changelings and the much anticipated 2012

 2012, as interpreted by the Mayan calendar, suggest there will be a  range of cataclysmic or transformative events the world will witness on or around December 21, 2012.  It is believed by some that it is he end date of a 5,125-year-long cycle.

While it is true that there are some significant astronomical alignments and numerological formulae related to this date there is a another school of thought that suggest 2012 is a transitional point and during this time the Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical and spiritual transformation.

  Does 2012 mark the beginning of a new era? And are we already noticing some changes in our attitudes and the way we do things?  Does 2012 mark the end of the world.. or is it a time, as many believe, of positive upliftment? Only time will tell.

Sal Rachele
Teacher, healer, and author of the book EARTH CHANGES and 2012: Messages from the Founders. He is also a 2012 educator,  psychic, intuitive and clairvoyant reader and conscious channel for ETs, angels, ascended masters & Sananda Mystery School.
Jo Dunning - The Abundance Breakthrough Project
Create spectacular Abundance in your life. This project is free and available to anyone who would like to experience more Abundance and Prosperity. This amazing opportunity is sponsored by Jo Dunning. Tele seminars also to with vibrational attunement as we approach 2012
Tom Kenyon
Channel for the Hathors. Free tones of Dimensional Attunement
Inspiring words from P'taah, an energy or entity channelled through Jani King. Web site has downloadable MP3s of sessions.
The Beacons of Light
Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here."  The monthly Beacons of Light~ Reminders from Home are translated into 21 languages each month and have been presented at the United Nations five times on two continents.

Hosted by Steve & Barbara Rother, Steve channels "The Group".

Watch the most recent channelling here.

Law of Attraction
Abraham, Jerry & Esther Hicks
Channelled information from Kryon, a loving angelic entity. Original website for Kryon as channelled by Lee Carrol
Spirit Library
An interesting assortment of articles and channellings by various teachers.


Lauren C. Gorgo
Sharing her gifts of inter-dimensional communication to help others to think with their hearts.
Tribe of Many Colours
The Tribe of Many Colours prophesied to come in the time of great change when the world would receive her blessings, and we the children of this planet would receive our enlightenment.
UFO The Disclosure Project, Ultimate Proof
YouTube series of 400 high ranking ex government people, tell of their experience and what they have seen and what has been kept secret about UFOs for years. YouTube Videos

Kiesha Crowther, also known as “Little Grandmother,”
was initiated as shaman at age 30 by her mother’s tribe (Sioux/Salish), and has been recognized by the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders as Wisdom Keeper for North America, responsible for guiding the “Tribe of Many Colours.

Kiesha in Zurich from kedarvideo on Vimeo.

Stanley A. Fulham
Author of Challenges of Change Stanley Fulham successfully predicted that the Pleiadians will bring a dramatic display of hope, peace and friendship with spacecraft hovering over Earth's principal cities on October 13, 2010. His  book provides a compelling perspective of world events as seen through the eyes of the author, and a group of ethereal entities known as the Transcendors.
Rik Thurston
At the age of 11, he became inspired by the book "There is a River", based on the life of Edgar Cayce. After years of dedicated practice he achieved his goal of entering the trance state, and now delivers messages of insight and compassion.
Through accessing the deep trance state a group of spiritual entities called "The Transcendors" provide answers to your questions.
 It takes the reader through important events in world history with dramatic reports on alien intervention with mankind.

The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse have ravaged countless thousands of alien civilizations to extinction. They are now on Earth as the forces of Nature -- Earth Changes, Environmental Pollution, Drought and Famine and Financial and Economic collapse ravaging Earth in the period 2010-2012.

But there is help with 'outside intervention,' namely the aliens. The Pleiadians will bring a dramatic display of hope, peace and friendship with spacecraft hovering over Earth's principal cities on October 13, 2010.


David Icke
Author of th new book Human Race, Get Off Your Knees. Mailing list available.
Latest UFO Sightings 
Displays new video of mass UFO sightings around the world.
World Puja Network
Hundreds of broadcasts by many speakers available by subscription. Current ones are free for 2 days.
Mike Quinsey
Channelled messages. New inspired messages every few days regarding progress towards 2012.

St Germain
Awakening From Within website for Ashamarae as a channel for St Germain. YouTube Videos.

The Tree Of Golden Light
Lots of spiritual information.
Crop Circle Connector
Info on international crop circles, new & old.
TBR News
interesting compendium of political articles, many gathered from prestigious foreign sources.
7th Wave Network
Online broadcasts with Peter Tongue
Blossom Goodchild
Local Sunshine Coast channel for the Federation of Light.
Opalescent Words
From certainty to harmony. Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan
David Wilcox
David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. YouTube video
Download this fascinating two hour phone conversation with David Wilcock, focusing on current events, 2012, time travel, the Freemasons, the Anunnaki, the Nazis, WW II, advanced technology, the Roswell crash, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the war in Georgia.









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